Biometrics (Black ink on 16mm clear leader, 5-8mins, B&W, 2019)

Still Image 1

There are no digital stills of this film. Further, there is no preview screener or even a digital file. It is a film created by the filmmaker repeatedly stamping his fingerprints onto the clear leader. A gesture that recalls the process of recording an immigrant's bio data. Here, the sensitivity of such content dictates the conditions of it’s exhibition. Beyond the requirements listed above, the filmmaker must be present for the screening and will not ship the one and only copy that deteriorates more and more with each screening. The limitations of his statelessness can be applied to the film as well. The film can only be screened where travel is permitted.

Screenings/Exhibition History

2019: Flaherty Seminar

For screening and exhibitions inquiries email miko.revereza@gmail