Nowhere Near (In Development)

IFFR: Hubert Bals Fund 2019
Open City Documentary Festival: Assembly Lab grant

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Nowhere Near is a poetic memoir exploring stateless identity. Through the lens of an exile returning to an estranged homeland. The film begins with an investigation into my family curse. A curse that followed us for generations, rooted in the soil of my grandmother’s coastal province of Pangasinan. My ancestors had once ruled the land they inherited from Spanish colonizers. It is a land still bearing the remnants of colonial violence. First from Spain then America then our own onto each other. My grandma likes to tell the story of MacArthur and the US troops landing Her local beach. She brags, that just down the front steps of her ancestral home. The American encampment stretched as far as her eyes could see. There was a big tent that functioned as a ballroom and bar, it was carpeted and there was a jazz symphony orchestra, is how she describes it. Her older sisters and cousins would wander there to go dancing. Even today there is a rotting concrete slab on that plot of land that the Americans left behind. I am looking for that plot of land for answers it might still contain. Look for the concrete slab she says. This wandering psychogeographical journey encapsulates the seeming impossibility of returning home. I am making this film because through the transformative process of filmmaking, I believe I can lift the curse from my family and bridge our disconnection through borders. I believe my position and personal experience as a stateless experimental filmmaker gives me access and agency to innovate how this issue is depicted. By making my struggle visible. I am reclaiming my voice and agency. The film is how I adapt to the here and now. There is an immediacy to this process of transformation that is already underway. My language is changing, how I move through the world is changing and how my cinema moves is changing as well.

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